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IETLS Cue Card Sample: Describe Foreign Food You Tried/Would Like To Have

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Describe foreign food you tried/would like to have

You should say:

  • When you had it
  • Where you ate it
  • What it was


Well, I spent 2 weeks of the summer vacation in Malaysia to visit my friends thus had chances to try a lot of local foods. However, the food that I miss most since I cannot find it in my hometown is called ‘Roti Susu’.

Indian food in Malaysia is highly diverse, yet my favorite one is this food. Basically, in Malaysian, ‘Roti’ means ‘bread’ and ‘susu’ means ‘milk’. We can add some curry sauce for more flavors. Because of such simple ingredients, this food can be found in any Indian restaurants in Malaysia.

My friends who were studying in Malaysia were also big fan of ‘roti susu’ so they introduced me this food on the first day I came to visit them. Because it is sold by an Indian food court on campus, they could have it most of the time. I prefer having it without the sauce and usually it’s my everyday-favorite. Probably as the soft bread with sweet condensed milk has often been my breakfast when I’m in my hometown, the taste of ‘roti susu’ seems familiar to me.

In the future, I would love to return to Malaysia someday to enjoy ‘roti susu’ again.


To be familiar with Sth/SO (adj): to know SO or Sth well


Why do some people taste change?

Well as we grow older, our tastes are also likely to change as well. The reason for this can be we don’t have time for a decent meal as most family members are on the go, meaning that the father and mother have to work longer hours to make ends meet, whereas the students must attend extra classes to keep up with their peers at school. So, we end up eating fast foods or take-aways and become used to it. The second reason is when we grow older, for health protection, we force ourselves to refrain from certain types of foods, like meat or fast food because they contain many health hazards.

Which are more popular in your country: fast food restaurants or traditional restaurants?

They’re both popular, but in different ways and for different reasons. I think fast food restaurants are popular for grabbing a quick bite or snack, as they are fast and you can usually find one nearby. Traditional restaurants are more popular for special occasions or going out for lunch or dinner at the weekend when people have more time to sit and enjoy the food and the ambience or atmosphere of the place. They usually cost more too, so maybe people don’t go as often, but they’re still popular. I don’t think anyone would consider gong to a fast food place for a special occasion – unless it was a kid’s birthday party or something similar, in which case it makes a lot of sense, as some of these places cater specially for such events.

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