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Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 13

Listening Audio: Section 1: PIETER: Good morning. I’d like to open a bank account, please. WOMAN: Certainly. If you’d like to take a seat. I’ll just get some details from you. It won’t take long. PIETER: Thanks. WOMAN: Is it a current account or a deposit account you wanted? PIETER: A current account. WOMAN: Right. I’ve got the application form

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 12

Listening Audio: Section 1: JANICE: Hello ... Flagstone. JON: Oh hello; is that Flagstone Properties? JANICE: Yes that’s right. Flagstone here. How can I help you? JON: Hello. I’m ringing just to make enquiries about renting a house. My name’s Jon Anderson. JANICE: Yes, Mr Anderson. What sort of thing were you looking for? JON: Two-bedroomed house

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 11

Listening Audio: SECTION 1: AGENT: Good morning. MIC House Agency. PAUL: Good morning. I'm ringing about the problems I've been having with my apartment. AGENT: Yes, of course. If I can just take a few details first... What's your name? PAUL: Paul Smiley. AGENT: How do you spell that? PAUL: S-M-I-L-E-Y. (Repeat) AGENT: OK, and what's the address? PAUL: Apartment

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 10

Listening Audio: SECTION 1: A: Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you have time to answer a few questions? B: What's it about? A: We're doing some market research for a new television channel starting in two years' time. B: OK, why not? A: Lovely, we'll just work through this form. And if

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 9

Listening Audio: SECTION 1: DIANE: Good morning. Diane Davies. Can I help you? GAVIN: Yes, I'd like to get some insurance for the contents of my home. DIANE: Fine. When did you move into the house? GAVIN: A couple of weeks ago, and it's an apartment actually. I was told by the landlord that it

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 8

Listening Audio: SECTION 1 WOMAN:  Good morning, oh sorry, it's gone 12, I'll start again, good afternoon, Kingswell Sports Club, how can I help you? MAN:         Oh, good afternoon. I was wondering if you could give me some information about membership and facilities. WOMAN:  Of course. What would you like to know? MAN:        

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 7

Listening Audio: SECTION 1 LOUISE:  Oh hello, I'd like to join the video library. MR MAX: OK. Would you like to fill in the application form now? LOUISE: Yes, I can do it now. MR MAX: Hold on and I'll get a form. Now, I'll just ask you a few questions and then I'll get you to

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 6

Listening Audio: Section 1: MAN:    Good morning, Synmouth Museum. Can I help you? WOMAN:    Oh yes. Good morning. I'm interested in the children's workshops and I'd like a little more information, please. MAN:    Do you mean the Art and Craft workshops? WOMAN:    Yes. A friend of a friend mentioned them - the children do painting

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 5

Listening Audio: Section 1:  Assistant 1: Rawlings Insurance. Good morning. Can I help you? Elisabeth: Oh, hello. I’m ringing to report an accident. Assistant 1: A car accident? Elisabeth: Yes. Assistant 1: Just hold the line a moment, please. I’m putting you through to our motor insurance department. Assistant 2: Hello? Elisabeth: Hello. Assistant 2: I understand you want to report an accident? Elisabeth: Yes. My car’s been damaged

Tapescripts for IELTS Listening Sample 4

Listening Audio:   SECTION 1 F = Female student; M = Male student; C = Clerk. F: Excuse me. Can you help me? I was looking for the Main Hall. M:  Maybe I can, actually. I’m looking for the Main Hall, too. I think it’s in the Administration building. Are you a new student? F: Yes, I am. Repeat M: I thought you

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