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Topic – Names

Q.  Did your parents choose your name(s)?
A.  Yes, my parents selected my name. When I was born, my parents wanted me to have a great name, at least to them. I have heard from my mother than my father brought a baby-name-book even before I was born. So the credit of my name solely goes to them.

Q.  How did your parents choose your name(s)?
A. I learned that they were inspired by a name they found in the book and they took the surname from my grandfather. Thus they combined the name and selected it for me. However, this was the final step they went through to pick my name. As far as I know, they had to choose from hundreds of names, spend considerable hours to finally become satisfied with the name.

Q.  Does your name have any special meaning?
A. My name is very special to me as it is to my parents. The first part of my name, Clyde, came from the name of a river, more specifically it is a Scottish river. The river was close to the location where I was born and I believe my parents wanted me to be as big as a river! The second part of my name, which is Entriken’ is a family name of a famous ancient dynasty from Great Britain.

Q.  Is your name common or unusual in your country?
A. Statistically speaking, this is not a very common name. However, from my experience, I can tell that I have personally met at least 10 others with the same name but with a different family name.

Q.  If you could change your name, would you? [Why/Why not?]
A. My name is very special to me and I would never change it. For anyone, his/her name is quite unique and significantly important. I might take an alias someday if I need to ghost-write some articles, but changing my real name to something for the sake of modernism or style, is something I will never accept.

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