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Topic: Humour.

1.  What types of programmes do you find funny on TV? 
Answer: Personally, I do not watch TV that much though once this has been a great source of entertainment for me. On an average, I watch TV 5-10 hours in a week. I find reality TV shows, comedy TV series and celebrity talk show quite funny and entertaining. TV series like ‘How I met your mother’, and ‘The big bang theory’ are very funny.

2.  What types of programmes are most popular in your country? Why do you think this is the case?
Answer: Talk shows, news, and TV series are very popular among the TV viewers in my country. Based on a recent survey published online, talk shows and news analysis are rapidly gaining popularity. I believe that watching the news is quite popular in the whole world. It’s easy to watch, provides updates around us, informs us about the current events and entertain us. Unlike other programmes, we can start watching a news programme anytime and we do not need to pay a great deal of attention to grab the information or the theme of it. Similarly, talk shows give us insights of an event and let us know what experts have to say about an event. Sometimes people with opposite opinions and views sit together and analyse something from their viewpoints. Those sorts of programmes are both entertaining and informative and I guess this is the main reasons people in my country watch these programmes more than other programmes.

3.  What kind of things make you laugh? Why? 
Answer: I guess this is a tough question to answer as I had to think really hard to come with an answer to this question. I think a good sense of humour, a funny joke, a funny activity of a child, a comedy movie, a serious attitude of a child, an activity or a pet or a funny childhood or adolescent memory make me laugh.  I love children, especially for their innocence. Sometimes the acts like adults and this is an enjoyable thing for most of the people. A good movie that has a funny storyline or funny characters makes me laugh as I seriously enjoy these types of movies. A sense of humour, an enjoyable and funny joke is also very refreshing and helps me laugh for a while.

4.   Do you like to make people laugh? How? 
Answer: Definitely, I love to make people laugh. But that does not mean that I act like a joker or a clown or I try to make others laugh all the time. I sometimes tell a funny joke or story which often make others laugh. Besides, I sometimes mimic someone and that makes my friends laugh. For instance, we had a very funny neighbour and whenever I act like him in front of my friends, they all find it very funny and they laugh quite loudly. I am not sure if I have an acute sense of humour but I believe that this is an important quality to make others enjoy someone’s company and laugh a lot with his story and way of presenting a story or event.

5.   Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour? 
Answer: As I have just said, a sense of humour is a great quality for anyone and it attracts others to become friends with the person who has a great sense of humour. Having a sense of humour is a great skill and this quality puts someone stands out of the crowd. A good sense of humour also represents someone’s intelligence and wit.

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