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IELTS Speaking Sample 9

Part One – Introduction:

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am originally from Biratnagar. This town is located in Morang district in the Koshi Zone of Eastern Nepal. And for the time being, I am staying in Kathmandu, which is the capital city of Nepal. To be more specific I have been living here since the year 2011.

Q. What are the most common foods in your locality?
A. It’s quite a complex question for me because where I am originally from is a place where people are from different castes and ethnicities. However among the variations of foods common in this area I should choose chapatti, also called Roti as the most common food item. It is made of flour. Chapati or Roti with vegetable curry is very tasty and delicious. It is the most preferred food item for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Among other food items, rice, chicken curry and different sweets are very common as well.

Q. What is your favourite menu? Why?
A. My favourite menu item is MO: MO. It’s a delicious Chinese food item. Mostly I prefer to eat this item whenever I feel hungry in the breakfast time. Because of its taste and my personal preference of this menu in the breakfast, I consider it to be my most favourite menu.

Q. Do you like to eat at a restaurant or at home? Why?
A. I usually do not prefer to eat at a restaurant because I like to eat homemade foods which are mostly cooked by my mother. My family has not got the habit to go to a restaurant and I guess from that I also learned to eat at home. My mother is an exceptional cook and she cooks delicious and tasty foods at home. My father always had the doubt on the quality of foods in a restaurant. That is why I scarcely eat at a restaurant.

Q. What is an important future plan you have?
A.  I never have a specific future plan. Instead of thinking about future I believe it’s better to focus on the present. In terms of the future plan, I want to lead my life happily and to have an honest life.

Q. What do you do in your leisure time?
A.  Usually, I spend my free time by reading books, using the internet, enjoying movies and listening music. Sometimes I hang out with my close friends.

Now tell me…
Q. Do you like music? What types of music do you listen often?
A. Yes, I like music very much. I often listen to music on my free time or whenever I feel stressed. Music is like very refreshing for me. Usually, I prefer classical music with meaningful lyrics. Contemporary rock music is also in my favourite list.

Q. Why do the teenagers like rock music?
A. I believe teenagers are attracted to the high-pitched music and heavy instrument used in the rock music. The rock singers represent the contemporary issues in their music and that’s another reason teenagers are attracted to the rock music.

Q. Which one is better? Classical or pop music? Why?
A. That varies from person to person. While some people like listening to mostly classical music, other groups prefer pop music. The preference of music varies based on geographical location, age groups and level of education.

I personally prefer classical music over pop music. But as I said, which one is better is solely dependent on a person’s preference of music.

Q. Who is your favourite musician?
A.  My favourite musician is A.R. Rahaman, who is basically an Indian musician. He won Oscar award for his tremendous contribution to the Indian music as well as inherent talent in music composition. He has a natural talent for music and has created several popular songs, lyrics.

Q. Do you listen to foreign music or music of your language?
A.  I like listening both local and foreign music. I used to listen to Hindi music till I was 12 years old. But now I listen to both English and Hindi songs.


Part Two – Cue Card


Talk about your favourite politician.

You should say:

  • who is he/she
  • what he/she did that you can tell others
  • do you want to be like him/her

and explain why this person is your favourite politician.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

IELTS Cue Card Sample 384 – Talk about your favourite politician


Part Three – Details Discussion:

Q. How politicians help make the world a better place?
A. Politicians are in the leading roles in a country. They are obliged to prepare a roadmap for the nation and also provide direction to other parts, like the economy, administration, improvement and infrastructure development of a country. Though not all politicians are honest, the world has still got many politicians who sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the nations. They make better policy to run the country, they protest unjust, they sacrifice their personal lives and make the nations prosperous.

Q. What qualities a good leader should have in your opinion? 
A. A good leader is always honest. He will think and work for others and would not be tempted by any forces or pressure. He should have a clear vision. He could give direction to other members. He is an observer, mentor, evaluator and guide for others.

Q. What responsibility a good politician has towards his countrymen? 
A. Well, a good politician should focus solely on the development of the countrymen. They also should represent democracy. Political modernization is a key task for them in a country like Nepal. Further, political education of the followers, recruiting leadership etc. are going on but at a slow pace. Articulation of public interest should also be focused more and more. The entire political system should be more communicative to extend cooperation among the countrymen. The present weak maintenance of the democratic inputs should be rechecked and the politicians should make them stronger. They also should come forward to reduce income inequality, poverty, improve the livelihood of people and overall political conflicts.

Q. Why young people these days want to stay away from politics? 
A. Generally, the young people in Nepal do not find any interest in to get engaged with politics. And a certain number of reasons are liable behind this matter. Frankly, the existing political system is not up to the mark and evaluation of the political activists is incomplete in most of the cases. Few incidents of corruption have also led to discouraging youths in keeping them away from politics. Besides, they are reluctant to politics as there is no specific financial gain. Most of the Nepalese youths prefer a peaceful life and when they get involved with politics, they lose the chance of a happy life too.

Q. Do you think the political leaders in your country are doing exactly what people expect from them? Why/ Why not?
A. Uhhh …. This is a bit controversial issue. The political leaders of Nepal are not performing their roles in the right manner. The expectation of people is not fulfilled in most of the cases. They actually do not play their legislative and authoritative roles to move for the country’s development. Still, poverty is a concerning issue in Nepal. Reduction of poverty becomes the prime agenda of political parties and leaders but in reality, they hardly can manage time to care for the issues. Restoring democracy to its fullest extent is the other responsibility of the political leaders, but they actually take less care in this regard.

Q. Political conflicts often cause harm to people’s life and property. Do you think politicians should be accused of any political instability and conflict and be punished?
A. Of course, the political leaders in Nepal should be accused and punished for the political instability and conflicts. Due to the political struggles, the lives and properties of mass people come under threat. It mostly happens when the political leaders cannot reach agreement on any issue. And their supporters cause the damages which are entirely unacceptable. Consequently, the ordinary people suffer a lot and even serious damages are caused to lives and properties. Families become helpless and in some cases, they lose their ways of living. Considering all the aspects, it is evident that all the matters take place for the negligence and insincerity of political leaders. Hence, there should be penalties against those leaders who are responsible for such ambivalence and conflicts.

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