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IELTS Speaking Sample 46

Part One – Introduction and interview

[This part of the test begins with the examiner introducing himself or herself and checking the candidate’s identification. It then continues as an interview. …]

Q.  Is bicycle a good transport?
A. Thank you. Yes, a bicycle is indeed a great transport. It saves time for the riders and also there are some health benefits of riding a bicycle. It does not harm the environment and keep the riders fit.

Q.  Do you think that there should be a separate lane for bicycles?
A. Yes, there should be a separate lane for bicycles. It will help the bikers move smoothly across the cities and encourage more people to use it. In fact, some countries already have this facility to inspire people to use this eco-friendly transport more often. Japan is one such country and a large proportion of Japanese population use bicycles.

Q.  Why should a child have a bicycle?
A. A child should have a bicycle so that he could learn to ride it. In fact, if the riding habit is formed from an early age, the child will continue it for his lifetime. Besides, learning to ride a bicycle is an immense joy that every child should experience.

Q.  Are you working or a student?
A. I am a student. I am studying economics in the NPA university. I have completed my 7th semester.

Q.  Do you ride a bicycle? Why/ why not?
A. Yes, I love to ride a bicycle. I still remember my childhood when a bicycle was my best companion. Having a bicycle was like getting the world in my hand. I could go anywhere I liked and meet anyone I wanted. I had some friends who also loved to ride bicycles. I still love to ride a bicycle but sadly I cannot do so as frequently as I used to do in my teenage.

Part 2  Individual long turn (Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card)

Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


Describe a famous person.

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • why he/ she is famous
  • would you like to meet him/her?

and explain why would you like to meet him/ her.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Examiner: Alright? Remember you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?


Sample Answer: 
Barack Obama was the President of the United States of America. His official name is Barack Hussein Obama and served as the 44th President of the country. He is a Noble Laureate as well. In his presidency, he took numerous initiatives to change the lives of his countrymen. Before becoming the President, he served as a Senator in the USA. And as a President, he had remarkable contributions on the development of certain policies of the country. This is an interesting cue card task for me. I like the nice questions that allow me to describe this great man.

Barack Obama is famous for many reasons. The topmost reason was that he became the very first African American to be the President of the country, his strong determination and perseverance has made him the President for the superpower of the world. He is also famous for his honesty, his loyalty to the nation and his contributions to the overall development of the USA. He took policies to enhance the country’s diplomatic influence over the other states and also performed many other noted works like the Obamacare, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, Job Creation for the unemployed. He also served a great role to improve the economy of the country.

Certainly, I would like to meet this famous personality. He is a great man indeed. He had a thrilling childhood and spent his days in different countries. He mostly attained national attention in 2004 after his run towards the position of a US Senate member. And once he became the president, he did not have to look behind. He climbed on the top of success. All the thing happened for his strong will. I want to learn some real-life lessons in person from him. So, I would like to meet him.


Q.  Which quality should a famous person have?
A. I think honesty is the prime quality that a famous person should have. Usually, people become famous for some sort of unique and noticeable skills, talents, contribution for others and so on. Since a famous person has a voice that others listen to, the person must use it for the greater good of ordinary people.

Q.  Why do young generation copy them?
A. Young generation reveres some famous people and wants to be like them by all means. This is particularly true for sportsmen and prominent users. Their lifestyle, media presence are often enviable to many others and they often mimic them for this reason.

Q.  How some famous people set negative examples?
A. Thank you for this nice question. Well, a large number of celebrities are around us and they are famous for varied reasons. Celebrities are sometimes negatively famous for their lavish living standard, beauty, wealth and obviously scandals. This is the most undesired thing and a remarkable number of celebrities have different levels of scandal. All such matters set negative examples for them. Besides, often celebrities are involved in troubles with the law enforcers for violating public laws like drunk drive or also get involved in brawls with people in public places. And all such issues contribute largely to set negative examples. Though they want to seek fame in all such activities, they cannot have that rather they get offended with the activities.

Q.  Who were the famous persons 50 years ago and who will be famous in the next 50 years?
A. Politicians and artists were famous around 50 years ago but the trend may change after the next 50 years. The places might be occupied with the young people who have contributions to the betterment of the humankind.

Q.  Should they have a personal life?
A. Of course, they should have a personal life. In fact, I personally abhor the way sometimes their personal life is invaded. They have every right to live their life any ordinary person has. In fact, we should value their personal life as much as we do of our own.

Q.  If you get a chance to be famous what would be your attitude?
A. Well, I will try to be as usual in behaving with the others as I am right now. In fact, I would become famous for them. And if I ignore the public, I think it would be harmful to my fame. So, I will keep an access open for the public always.

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