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IELTS Speaking Sample 43

Part One – Introduction and interview

[This part of the test begins with the examiner introducing himself or herself and checking the candidate’s identification. It then continues as an interview. …]

Q. Do you have a large or small family?
A. I have a small family. There are only four members altogether.

Q. Describe your family?
A. Thank you. I live in a nuclear family in Australia. I live with my parents in an apartment in Perth, Australia. And I have an elder brother who is a journalist and work for a local newspaper agency. My dad works for the government while my mother is a fashion designer. We are a happy family and I am so blessed to have such a happy family.

Q. How much time do you spend with your family?
A. I spend a good chunk of time with my family, particularly with my mom.

Q. What do you like to do together as a family?
A. As a family, we love to travel in places of interests or watch movies on television, make parties and take part in much more activities. I often play chess and cricket with my brother and love to talk and hang out with him.

Q. Do you get along well with your family?
A. Well, we are a very happy family and respect each other’s privacy. Sometimes, it is bumpy, but this is a rare case. Overall my relationship with my family members are smooth and we have many good memories.

Q. Are people in your country generally close to their families?
A. Yes, most of the people are close to their families in Australia. The family bondage is really strong. But this is not applicable in all the cases. Still, families with weaker bondages are also found even today.


Part 2  Individual long turn (Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card)

Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


Describe a technological item that is important to you.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when and from where you got it
  • how it helps you in your life

and say what you would do if you didn’t have one of these. 

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Examiner: Alright? Remember you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?

Sample Answer: 
My laptop is the most important technological item for me. I need to use it every day. In fact, this is a constant companion for me. I use it for various purposes. It helps me to create my presentations for the college and also to surf the internet. Further, my laptop is my source of entertainment. I use this device for listening songs, watching movies and playing games. This is of special importance to me. I like the questions of this cue card task and here are the remaining answers.

I bought the laptop around one and a half years ago. I bought it from a brand shop here from Perth in Australia. Interestingly, I got some discounts while buying the laptop. I bought it from a brand shop that ran a campaign on laptops with discounts. So, I paid less than my budget I made to have a laptop. Moreover, there are no changes in warranties of this device.

Actually, I felt the necessity to have this device. I needed to complete my college assignments and other necessary activities like downloading the presentation files for home assignments, preparing lessons for the next day class and go through the e-lecture sheets. To complete all the tasks, I needed a laptop of mine. Earlier, I used my brother’s laptop. But there were some troubles. I did not get the laptop whenever I needed most.

My regular activities would have turned down if I did not have this laptop. I am greatly benefitted by this device and carry it with me always except the sleeping time. It would have been difficult for me to manage everything and I might have to keep waiting for my brother’s arrival at home and then use his laptop for my academic activities as I did in past.


Part 3 – Two-way Discussion

Q. Do you use the Internet much during the day?
A. No, I do not use the Internet much during the daytime. Rather, I use it most after the dusk or at the night times. On an average, I use the Internet for about an hour during the daytime and around 3-4 hours at night.

Q. What do you usually do on the Internet?
A. Well, I search for various topics or information to complete my assignments. Besides, I use the internet for social networking as well or to communicate with others. Sometimes, I use the internet for recreational purposes as well like listening online songs or watching movies etc.

Q. What are some advantages of the Internet?
A. Umm… The most important thing to consider about the Internet is that it has made communication easier and cheaper. Someone can reach the farthest corner of the world using the Internet to communicate with the other people living there. It is also used to collect information or data for research or academic activities, for recreational purposes and much more. In a word, the Internet is the storehouse of information. There are millions of websites available online which provide all the necessary information about any specific event, topic, product or service. We have a question and the Internet has the answer ready for us.

Q. What are some disadvantages of this technology?
A. Well, there are some disadvantages too of using the Internet. Non-productive use of the Internet kills our valuable time.  Besides, this is not always suitable for children. They spend time in playing games and use apps for communication unnecessarily which hampers their academic activities. Over-reliance on the Internet create a lethargic generation who like to spend time playing games rather than spending time outdoors. This has some serious health concerns as well.

Q. How technology has changed the way we communicate?
A. Well, thank you for the question. This is an important matter indeed to focus. Now people communicated using the latest technology and communication has become easier than before. Within a second, the connection is established among people living in the farthest corner of the world with the help of the modern gadgets and the internet. This positive change has affected the lives of people. In the past, people used to communicate using various methods including sending letters, horse-mail, pigeons and so on. But now we have smartphones, telex, and the internet to do faster effective communication. The internet is the most convenient way of communication and helping people in many ways to improve their way of keeping in touch with people they care about.

Q. Should we own every technological item we can afford or there should be a check? Why?
A. Ummmm…. I do not think that we should own every technological item we can afford to purchase. First of all, wasting money is an important issue here. Usually, the prices of technological items are out of reach for ordinary people. If they want to have everything invented in terms of technology, this is impossible for them. Besides, if there are rental services of those items available, I do not think this is wise to get them. Preservation of the items is another important issue to consider here. If someone is unable to preserve the technological items rightly, the items will be damaged. And this would be a waste of time and money. Based on the facts above, there should be a check about technological items. The amount of waste we create every day is a great concern and if we start purchasing more gadgets than necessary, soon waste management would go out of our control.

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