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IELTS Speaking Sample 37

Part One : Interview

Q. Do you have a hobby?
A. Yes, I do have a hobby. I love gardening and this is the hobby I feel most passionate about.

Q. Why have you chosen this hobby?
A. Well, I love to be in touch with nature and so I have made gardening my hobby. However, I was inspired to have this pastime activity from my grandfather who has been a devoted gardener. From him, I learned how this can be a great activity to have for anyone.

Q. What are good hobbies, and what are bad hobbies?
A. I guess hobbies which are beneficial for the person who has it and for others are usually good hobbies. Good hobbies help people enjoy something and at the same time help mentally, physically, or environmentally. Besides, it enhances some sort of skill.

On the contrary, hobbies which waste valuable time (such as playing video games for hours) or harm the environment or people in any way (like collecting birds feather or butterfly) are bad hobbies.

Q. Do you like/enjoy shopping?
A. Yes, I do like shopping. I love to explore new shops and purchase things that I need. However, I am not driven by passion about shopping, rather I purchase something when I absolutely need that item. I enjoy shopping for my family more than for me.

Q. Do you often go to the theatre?
A. Well, I do not have enough time to visit the theatres. Usually, I visit a theatre at least twice a month.

Q. What kinds of movies do you like best?
A. Basically, I love watching action movies. But I also like romcoms as well. Historic movies based on the real event are also on my favourite list.

Q. Who is your favourite movie star? Describe him/her.
A. Clint Eastwood is my favourite movie star. He was born in 1930 in the USA. He was a bored student since an early age. To pursue acting, he has dropped off from college and struggled a lot to secure his berth on the movie industry. He is primarily famous for his gunslinger roles in the western movies. Unforgiven, Dirty Harry, Million Dollar Baby, In the Line of Fire, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Letters from Iwo Jima are some of his renowned and critically acclaimed movies. He won several academy awards and is one of the most influential Hollywood actors of all time.

PART 2 – Cue Card


Describe your favourite shopping centre.

You should say:

    where it is
why you like it
how often you go there

and describe the facilities of this shopping centre.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer: 
The Red Sea Mall is located in Jeddah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mall is near to the airport and the Red Sea coastline. As a result, this is visited by a wide number of people every day. Moreover, it comes with a huge number of products and services for the consumers. The shops are covered with goods and the most important thing is that it is a spacious shopping mall. This is an interesting cue card. I feel lucky with this cue card topic and here are the answers.

I like the shopping mall for its beauty. The inner decoration of this shopping mall looks beautiful. The entire mall is glass covered. There are ample spaces for car parking, indoor water fountain – the most amazing thing of the shopping mall, food courts, clean environment, coffee shops, children’s area and much more which have made this shopping mall attractive to the people. I also like the mall for its varied products and facilities.

I frequently visit the shopping mall. In fact, this is not far away from my residence in Jeddah. I have made it a common place for me and my buddies. Almost every evening, we meet here. The coffee shops provide the very best coffees of the city. Sometimes, we shop in the mall and most of the time we spend time by gossiping. Meeting with people is a hobby for me and I also try to meet some of the new people here.

The top most important fact of shopping here is the number of global brands. It comes with a remarkable number of brand shops. The products are of the finest quality and of course, they are stunning. Someone does not need to think about parking their cars here. Besides, the product prices are reasonable indeed.

Part Three: Detail Discussion

Q. How people’s shopping habit has changed over the time?
A. Thank you for the question. People’s shopping habit has actually changed a lot over the time. Earlier, people used to go shopping marking occasions only. But now, they shop throughout the year. Further, they have also changed the types of shopping they do too. People now love to shop various things and they prefer branded products in most of the cases. A credibility of brands has been created that attracts people, particularly the youths. But shopping during the festivals remains as usual. People of all stages go shopping regardless of their needs. In fact, they love visiting the shopping malls and street shops to know the current trends and if they like something, they get the products or gadgets.

Q. What type of shopping centres are popular these days?
A. Multi-storied shopping malls have gained a huge popularity in these days. They achieved the popularity for many reasons. First of all, the shoppers want all the things in a single place and shopping malls have brought all the necessary products and services under a single shade. While shopping in street or open-air markets, people need to move here and there to get their things. Many of the shoppers feel uncomfortable in searching the markets. They need to spend extra time and money. Bargaining with the sellers is a common issue there. In opposite, shopping malls have no such issues. They sell the things at a reasonable price and there are sections for getting the desired things. So, someone does not need to move across the mall in search of a product.

Q. Why some people purchase things that they do not need at all? Is this a bad trend?
A. Some people want to have the entire shopping mall even if they do not need any single product. I consider it as a very bad trend. This is a wastage of money and time. Majority of such purchases take place either for filling up the mind or to show off. I believe this as a poor maturity. And people can spend money in more productive sectors. Someone can spend the money to meet other necessities or help people in need. But instead, they get the unnecessary things to make residence a storehouse. These people lack money management skills and have a spending habit. If they continue such habit, surely they will have trouble in future.

Q. Some people say that women spend more time shopping than that of men? What do you think about it?
A. The statement is true to some sense, at least this is what I have observed among people I know. Women spend more time than men while shopping because they want to get the best thing in exchange of their money. They try to seek out the best product every time. As a result, they seek faults from the products and get the best of them. Moreover, they also want to match the products, dress or other objects with something else they buy. It also takes time for them to get the matched things. If they do not get the desired product in a shop, they look for that in other shops. They do it with great patience. In fact, this is a praiseworthy quality indeed. But most men I know are different from them. They enter into the shop, get the thing regardless and check out of the shop.

Q. Some large shopping malls are replacing traditional markets? Is this a good trend?
A. Yes, this is a good trend, I think. Some of the large shopping malls are replacing traditional markets and there are several benefits of this change. The shopkeepers who used to sell products or services on street now have a nice place to continue their business. Besides, the shopping malls sell the best quality products and the buyers need not bargain. Majority of the brand products are sold in shopping malls, not on streets. The shopping malls also come with some other features like a clean environment, well-decorated interior, modern facilities and so forth. Therefore, I think the emergence of shopping malls is a good trend.

Q. What type of shopping establishment do you prefer – large markets or small traditional market?
A. I love to shop at large shopping malls. Actually, shopping malls come with modern features and facilities. Street shopping is also charming. But you have to be careful while you are street shopping. Many of the sellers try cheating customers in different ways. Besides, quarrelling with them is a usual phenomenon in the local markets. Considering all the matters, I believe that shopping malls are the best places to get the necessary things. Certainly, I get things from other places too which are unavailable in the malls. Moreover, I enjoy discounts from the shopping malls as well marking festivals while the discounts are unavailable in other places. So, I am on the view to shop from large markets or shopping malls instead of traditional markets.

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