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IELTS Speaking Sample 30

Part One – Introduction

[The examiner asks the candidate about him/her, his/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics in the introduction part.]

Q. Could you show me your identification card, please?
A. Ys, sure. Here is my identification. Do you need any information from my side to verify it? Thank you.

Q. Could you tell me your full name, please?
A. My full name is Peter Smith. My friends call me Peter.

Q. What shall I call you?
A. Well, you can call me Peter as well.

Q. Does your name have any special meaning?
A. My name is definitely very special to me! Well, the name Peter itself has a special meaning and historical significance. The word ‘Peter’ was derived from a Greek word ‘petros’ which means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’. Based on the New Testament, Jesus Christ gave the name Saint Peter to Simon and he later became the Saint Peter. Saint Peter, according to ancient tradition, became the first bishop of Rome. So religiously and historically this name bears a great significance, I presume.

Q. Why do so many people change their names?
A. Well, that’s an interesting question and personally, I scarcely know my friends or relatives who have changed their names. But I am sure people mostly changes their names because they do not like their given name. Migration to other countries could be another prominent reason for people to change their names. For instance, I know a person who lives in London as Christopher whose original name was something like Lie Chim.  Finally, changing someone’s religion could be another reason for a name change. Personally, I would always like my given name and in no condition change it!!!

Q. Is your name important to you?
A. Yes, definitely my name is truly important to me. This is the name that my parents gave to me and I would like to be ‘Peter’ for the rest of my life. I have known this name from the very first day I came to this world and the very sound Peter has quite a charming melody to my ears. I once heard that an average human hears his name the highest time in his lifetime. If this is true, I have heard the word ‘Peter’ more than any other word and I do not want to change my given name in any condition.

Q. Where do you come from?
A. I come from a quiet, sleepy suburban called Sutton which is located in the South-West London. This is is a great spot to live in and I love this place very much.

Q. Where do you live?
A. I have always lived in Sutton, a place in the South-West London. This is a quiet place and a great place to settle. The quick transportation facility allows me to move to any part of London without any hassle.

Q. Can you tell me something about your hometown?
A. Thank you very much for this question. As I previously mentioned I come from Sutton which is a town in South London in England. This was previously a village and was connected to the central London in 1847 with the railroad. Afterwards, it began to grow into a town and there was significant Victorian-era expansion.  More than sixty thousand people live in this area and it has the lowest level of crime rate in the Greater London. People are quite amiable and well-behaved the and natural tranquillity is a big feature of this town. This town is a home to a number of international corporations and the sixth most important shopping area in London. It is also famous as a hub for filming in south-west London.

Sutton is a hilly borough with plenty of parks and gardens and the natural beauty of this town is unparallel. As I grew up in this town, I have lots of memory here and I love my hometown more than any other place in the whole world.

Q. Can you tell me some famous landscapes or scenic spots in your hometown?
A. There are, in fact, plenty of renowned and beautiful places in Sutton and many tourists find it a great place to stay during their entire vacation period. This town has more than 89 parks and each of them is quite beautiful. Manor Park, Morden Hall Park and Carshalton Lavender Fields are my personal favourite and they give an impression of pure natural beauty. Moreover, St Nicholas churchyard, St Nicholas clocktower, All Saints Church, Christ Church, Landseer Road Conservation Area and many more are some of the prominent landscapes in this town. As I have already said, Sutton has a number of big international companies and this is the sixth most important shopping area in the whole London. Several works of public art, large library, four conservation areas and many parks make it a worth visiting place.

Q. Can you tell me some history of your hometown?
A. Well, I do not know that much about the history of my hometown, which is Sutton. But I will try to give you as many historical details as I know about my hometown.

The name Sutton came from OLD English words ‘suth’ and ‘tun’ which means ‘the South farm’. It was probably in relation to Mitcham and Morden that it was considered southerly. Archaeological finds in the region date back over ten thousand years, but the first substantial evidence of habitation comes from the excavation of a Roman villa in Beddington. On 10th May 1847, the railway station was opened in this area and in afterwards it contributed towards the hike of the population in this area and gradually the village developed into a town.

Sutton Masonic Hall was built in Grove Road by Freemasons from the locality in the year 1897. Freemasons have met there since its foundation, apart from a two-year interval during the Second World War when the military requisitioned the hall. It also served as a temporary shelter for people displaced from their homes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the High Street had become heavily built up and many changes took place during this century. Between 1940 and 1944 more, during the second world war, more than 400 bombs were dropped on Sutton and Cheam, and a local “bomb map” was produced after the war recording the date and type of bomb.

This is a place of natural beauty and great architectural works. Even today someone will find many beautiful examples of architecture in Sutton with over 150 listed buildings.


Part 2 – Cue Card


Describe your favourite photograph.

You should say:

  • where the photo was taken
  • who took the photo
  • what can be seen from the photo

and explain why it is the favourite photograph to you.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

IELTS Cue Card Sample 358 – Talk about your favourite photograph

Part 3 – Two-way Discussion:

Q. How to take a good photo?
A. Well, I am not a professional photographer and do not know much about the professional aspects of taking quality photos. However, as a layman in the world of professional photography, I can say that it takes a good camera, a great passion, proper lighting, angel and a great object to take a good photograph.

Sometimes an expensive camera that has good features is quite helpful in taking a nice shot. From my experience, I can say that if someone has a powerful camera, he can take some good pictures. Moreover, a passion on taking good photos is also required. Lighting is another aspect that accentuates the objects of a photo and probably this is why professional photographers often wait several hours to take a single shot. Furthermore, the angle of the object or scenery, the way they are captured in the frame and the object itself is important to make a photograph worthy of praise.

Q. When do people use the camera?
A. I guess professional journalists and photographers carry their cameras most of the time. But the ordinary people mostly use a camera whenever they visit a new place as they want to capture the beauty of the place as well as the memory. People also use cameras whenever they meet old friends, colleagues and relatives and take snaps of the group. Parents often take pictures of their children and finally in my country, I have noticed that people use cameras on different festivals and occasions.

However, these days most of the people have smartphones that come with powerful built-in cameras. This is why mass people do not carry cameras that much and take photos using their cell phones most of the time.

Q. How can the new technology put cinema’s skill advanced?
A. Well, I think the technology has entirely changed the way we used to use our cameras.  We have now powerful DSLR cameras and anyone can take photos these days. Moreover, the powerful zooming system, night-view and online photo editing features enable us to take great photos, edit them instantly and share them on our favourite social networking websites like Facebook or Google Plus. Our smartphones come with feature-riced integrated cameras and let us take photos whenever we want. The memory cards have replaced the photo-films entirely and we have much freedom on taking pictures than our previous generation had. I can recall some of the memories from my childhood when we had to hire a cameraman to take out photos and wait for more than a week to get those pictures printed. On the contrary, we no longer need to print our photos these days and can instantly see and share it with the help of our cellphones and computers. Thanks to the modern technology – photography is no longer is a sophisticated domain, it is, in fact, everybody’s hobby nowadays.

Q. Do you like taking photos? Why or Why not?
Yes, I like to take photos, not selfies, but the photos of natural beauties and worth capturing objects. Whenever I have the mood and I find the right object, I try to capture it. I would not say I am a very good photographer and know many things about the professional photography, but like any other curious person, I like to capture great moments and sceneries. I also run a blog where I often publish the photos I take.

Q. Why selfies are so popular these days? Do you like to take selfies?
A. Thank you for the question. Selfie is the way of taking photographs using cell phone’s front camera and it has recently gained huge popularity among people. They love to take selfies for several reasons and the most important thing about the selfie is that people can take it by themselves without any support from others. They can pose as per their will and also can take other people in the frame at the same time. The most important thing is that this is a cost-effective way to get photos taken. Sharing selfies on social networking websites is easier for its small properties. If the camera functions well, some of the nice photos could be captured by the selfie. Therefore, selfies have become popular. And yes, I like to take selfies.

Q. Storing pictures has become much convenient on the Internet. What are some advantages of this? Do you use any digital photo sharing or storing service? Which one?
A. Yes, storing pictures is more convenient using the Internet. Earlier, people used to print photos to store. They also preserved the photo negatives too to print the photos at a later time. But with the advancement of technology, photo storing is easier now. When stored on the Internet, someone can have access to photos instantly which is not possible for printed photos. Someone can get the desired photo from the digital storage anytime, share it with others, use some editing features and can do it all for free.

I also use my Facebook profile to share my photos. It also helps to store the photos too. I also use my google drive and Flickr to store the photos and can access them whenever I need.

Q. With the advancement in camera and technology, anyone these days take quality pictures? Do you agree? Why? Why not?
A. Well, the question is smart and has drawn my attention before. But I do not agree with the statement. Technology has advanced much and photo capturing devices like a camera has been improved. But clicking some quality pictures is not the cup of tea for everyone. Photography is an art form. It needs an aesthetic sense. Some other matters are also related here. Composition, framing, background selection, sense of perfect lighting etc. are some of the key elements of a perfect photograph. So, if someone gets the latest camera with no sense of photography, it is impossible for him to get some praiseworthy pictures.

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