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IELTS Speaking Sample 20

Part One : Introduction

Q. Do you have a large or small family?
A. I have a small family with six family members.

Q. Describe your family?
A. I live in a small family in Sri Lanka. We have six members altogether in this family. I live with my parents, two other siblings and a maid. My father is a private job holder and works for a multinational corporation here in Colombo. My mother runs a tailoring shop in the city and also manages the household activities. The maid helps her in the domestic activities every day and also takes part in any other activities as needed. I am the youngest of the family and a university student while my elder brother is a job seeker and my elder sister is a postgraduate student at the same university I am in.

Q. What do you like about your studies?
A. I am studying at a local university and like the way that the teachers teach us in the class. This is much different than the way I was taught in my school. I also like history, my major and love to learn about the prominent historical events and figures.

Q. Why do you like to learn English?
A. Well, I love to learn English for many reasons. This is an international language and widely used across the world. The language is also important in numerous aspects of life in Sri Lanka. I have a plan to migrate to Australia and English is the official language there.

Q. Where are you living?
A. I live in Colombo, the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

Q. How long have you been living there?
A. I have been living here since my birth. In fact, my forefathers were native to this land and the history of our family in this city dates back to over 200 years.

Q. What are the advantages of your hometown?
A. This is a great place to live in. The most important thing about living here is the infrastructure. The streets are highly developed. The foods are delicious while the people of this area are great. A multicultural environment helps to know about the other people and their culture and customs. And overall, Colombo is a beautiful town indeed.

PART 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.


Describe your university life.

You should say:

     what you do/did
why a university is different from a school
some disadvantages of it

and explain your university life in brief.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer:
University life is the best part of someone’s life and this was particularly true in my case. Being a university student, I have gathered tons of memories. Making new friends, preparing for exams, attending sudden class tests, being late for classes, sometimes bunking the classes, not bringing the assignments in due time, playing cards with friends, taking part in extracurricular activities, watching movies in the theatres with university friends etc. are the memorable events for me. This is a very good cue card and I am lucky to have such wonderful questions in my share. Here are the remaining answers.

University is completely different from the school and college days. When a student enters into a university, s/he becomes matured and can take care of themselves without any external support. So, there are fewer restrictions. The teachers know that if a student bunks the class, s/he will be attentive when there is an exam. But the scenarios are not the same for the college or school students. They need to be dictated always to keep focusing on their academic activities.

There are some disadvantages of my university. One demerit to consider is that this is a private university and thus this is expensive. Not everyone or all the parents are able to afford the educational costs of their children here. Moreover, the classroom sizes are smaller than the number of students. Besides, there are some limited offers for the students from the university. And not everyone is eligible for the offers.

The academic year of the university is separated into several semesters. The university authority publishes advertisements on newspapers and other mediums asking the students to enrol in the university courses. There are several courses available at present and the students get admitted after their preferences and certainly after participating in an admission test.


Part Three: Detail Discussion

Q. Do you have a degree? If so, when and where did you graduate?
Yes, I have two degrees. I have completed my secondary and higher secondary degrees from local educational institutions in Colombo and my graduation is underway.

Q. What impressed you most when you were at university / college? 
I was impressed by the extracurricular activities of my college. I took part in the outdoor sports competitions and also won some prizes for my achievements.

Q. Why university education is important?
Q. What are the importance of technical universities in your country?
Q. Why some people to be successful in their career?
Q. What type of professionals earn more money in your country? Why is that?

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