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IELTS Speaking Sample 17

Part One – Introduction

The examiner asks the candidate about him/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics.

Q.  Do you send and receive emails regularly?
A. Thank you for the question. Yes, I do send and receive emails regularly, almost on a daily basis.

Q.  Who do you usually communicate with?
A. I need to communicate with my teachers and classmates mostly.

Q.  How often do you check your email?
A. Umm… I check the email at least two to three times a day.

Q.  Do you think writing email has strengthened or weakened people’s writing skills?
A. I think it has done both – strengthened and weakened people’s writing skill. Those who have taken advantage of the Internet and tried to enhance their writing skills have been immensely benefitted. However, there are others, who have not tried so and simply used spelling and grammar correction tools without noticing closely what corrections these tools make have been negatively affected. I believe a piece of technology is a two-edged sword and we can use it in our favour or against.

Q.  What are some disadvantages of email?
A. Emails, unlike handwritten letters, lack the personal touch. It can go to the wrong hand and hackers may gain personal and sensitive information from someone’s emails. Finally, dependency on emails deteriorates our hand-writing skills.
Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


An equipment of your household (such as computer, television, refrigerator etc.).

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what you do with it
  • how long you have it

and explain why it is important to you

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer: 
I have a personal computer and I would like to talk about it for this cue card topic. I purchased it a couple of years ago to meet my academic needs. It has a larger monitor and the CPU configuration is higher than the ordinary computers of the present time. I also have a set of speakers which I use to listen to music or for other purposes. I take care of the computer at my best. I have ordered a customized table to place the computer and cover it when not used. This is a great cue card question I think and here are the remaining answers.

When I was the student of a college, I needed to complete my assignments and print them before submission to the college authority. Then, it was important for me to have a personal computer as composing the assignments and printing them through the cyber cafes was expensive. Accordingly, my dad bought me the computer. But now the application of the computer is different to me. I frequently use it to enjoy movies and listen to songs. Sometimes, I also play video games on the machine. When my friends come to visit me, I watch movies with them or play the video games together. But sometimes, I use this computer for my academic purposes too.

The computer is important to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, still, I am a student and often need to collect information from the internet for my academic activities. My computer is connected to a high-speed internet service and I use the service to collect necessary resources. Recreation is the other purposes which the computer meets. In fact, the computer has become a constant companion of mine after I return home. I turn it on around the day and only shut it down when I go to bed. Hence, the computer is important to me.
Rounding off Questions:

Q.  Will you always keep it?
A.  Yes, I will always keep it. I might someday replace my computer with a more latest one, but I will always need a computer at my home.

Q.  Is it worth much?
A.  Definitely, this worth that much. I purchased this computer for 950 dollars but the real worth of it is far more for the usefulness it has. I fact, I cannot do without it.

Part 3 – Two-way Discussion

Q.  Could you please explain with some examples about the changes of technology which are used by people in their daily life between now and the past 20 years?
About 20 years ago, the use of computer and the Internet was not widespread in my country. This not quite different these days. Computers were used to deal with highly important issues alone in government offices and large private banks and organisations. The Internet was very expensive and there were no social networking platforms. But certainly, there are some positive changes with technology after 20 years. At present, almost everyone uses smartphones and have their personal social networking accounts which they use to share their life and events with others living in the farthest part of the world. Besides, technology has become cheaper than the former days.

Apart from that, the land lines have been replaced by the smartphones, and almost all households have smart TVs with satellite connections. Freezers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners were used by only rich people in the past but those are available in most of the households these days.

Q.  Whether the equipment you’ve ever mentioned in your examples are used in your home?
Answer: Yes, I regularly use a smartphone and a computer at my home. And the other equipment I have mentioned in my previous answer (like the freezer, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and AC) are present in our house. In fact, my parents have been using those items as long as I can remember.

Q.  How about other families of your hometown?
Answer: Except for some poor families and elderly people, I think most of the families in my city use those household appliances. There is scarcely anyone who does not own a computer and a mobile phone.

Q.  Do you think the technology will bring more benefits for the people in the coming days?
Answer: I certainly believe so. Technology has always enriched people’s lifestyle and helped advance the human civilisation. This will continue in the future, and in fact, at a faster pace. The advancement in technology in the future will help people to find an alternative planet to settle in, eradicate hunger and deadly diseases from the planet earth, fight the climate change in an effective way, explore space and undersea resources and this list will go on and on. Any negative outcome and threat that a piece of technology has can be avoided by the human with proper use and safety measures.

Q.  Do you think it is important for us to use the technology sensibly? Why? 
Answer: We should always use technology in a prudent and sensible way. Each technology comprises a great power to both help and destroy. For instance, the nuclear technology can provide power for the entire world to run its industry and machinery and remove darkness. At the same time, it can destroy the human civilisation. We should always sensibly use technology.

Q.  How often do you access the Internet? Why?
Answer: I very often use the Internet and my use varies from my academic needs to my communication with my friends. I am online for around 1-4 hours per day. The way we have become dependant on the Internet, the use will increase in the coming days and most of our activities would become Internet dependent.

Q.  Do you have a computer? What you do with it?
Answer: Yes, I have a desktop computer and I use it for various purposes. I also own a laptop, Dell brand, that I carry with me most of the time for my various online activities.

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