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IELTS Speaking Sample 14

Part One – Introduction

Q. Where did you grow up?
Answer: I grew up in Arnos Grove, an area located in the southwest corner of Enfield in London, England.

Q. Was it a good place to grow up for children?
Answer: Of course, it was a nice place. Actually, the area was calm, quiet and beautiful. Hence, that was a great place for the children to grow up. Moreover, people and thing-to-do of this area were very positive for a young child to grow up as a good person.

Q. Where did you usually play?
Answer: There had been a moderate playground before the house we lived in. And I used to play there in the evening with some of my local friends. Besides, our school had a large playground where I often played with my classmates. When I was at home, I played with my brothers and cousins in our garden.

Q. Do you think childhood is different today from when you were a child?
Answer: Ahhh…. Childhood is completely different in the present day than the days of mine. And the changes are remarkable too. Things were quite simple and I had no responsibilities. With the time things have become more complex and I have a large number of responsibilities. I have many goals now that I did not have in my childhood.


Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


Describe a friend you like.

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • how you know him/her and for how long
  • why he/she is special to you

and explain your relationship as friends.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer: 
Emily was the closest friend of mine in my childhood. And still, we maintain a solid bond of friendship for over 15 years. I met her first in the playground. She also went there to play, and I met her there. It was not an accident when I met Emily. In fact, she was a fresher in the playground like me and could not decide whether she would participate with the other kids playing on the ground or wait like me. It did not take much time to get introduced and that was the beginning. This is a nice cue card indeed reminding me of my childhood days and one of my best friends.

Emily is a special friend to me for some reason. The most impressive feature of Emily was her smiling face. Though we had quarrels over petty issues and even we do it now too, I cannot continue the argument for longer hours. She resolves the disputes in a smooth manner. Moreover, she knows what to do and when to do and can deal emergencies efficiently. She is also special to me as both of us share some common habits like reading books, watching television series, shopping together and much more.

We have been sharing the friendship since our childhood and around 15 years have been passed with the twinkle of an eye. Hope the bond will last till the last days of our life. The key ingredient behind this sustainable relationship is the sacrifice. And we make it for each other without hesitation.

Emily is a very good friend of mine, in fact, she is the best friend. In this matured age, there are no mental conflicts between us. Actually, the feelings for each other are softer. Our families also have a very good bondage that has been developed through our friendship.
Part 3 – Two-way Discussion:

Q. Is friendship important in your culture?
Answer: Certainly, friendship is important in my culture. Though the British people are a bit reserved, they cannot do without friends. And in their private parties, friends play the most important roles.

Q. How many close friends can you have?
Answer: I do not have many close friends. But the important matter is to maintain the friendship equally with everyone. So, it is imperative not to make close friends more than two or three. The number of excessive close friends may create unwanted troubles. ALso when people get matured, they maintain a small number of friends but most of them are good friends to each other.

Q. Are friends more important than family?
Answer: Uhhh…. I think there are some important issues to consider regarding the priority selection between family and friends. I believe family is the most important part of an individual. In fact, a man belongs to a family. It helps the man to grow and be a human.

But at the same time, an individual needs friends as friends are also an important part of our life. However, it is entirely my personal opinion that a person should prioritize the family than friends. After all, at the end of the day, everyone returns to their family.

Q. What are important qualities of a good friend?
Answer: Thank you for the question. Friendship is a heavenly blessing. But to be good friends both need to have particular qualities. Trustworthiness is the key quality of a good friend. The friend also should be honest and sincere in roles and responsibilities. Loyalty is another virtue to make the bondage stronger. Fun-loving is also important to be a good friend. A mutual understanding is also essential for people to be good friends. A sharp sense of caring and sharing is also expected from a good friend. When all the qualities are combined together, the bond becomes awesome.

Q. Why people have fewer friends when they grow up? How many good friends you have?
Answer: This is a great question. The number of friends usually get reduced when we grow up. It mostly happens for some sharp senses that get developed in matured age. Lack of mental adjustment mostly is a key reason for the reduced number of friends. Besides, specific qualities, sense of humour, surrounding situations etc. play important roles to select friends in adulthood. When people grow up, they comprehend the matters and accordingly select their friends. Sadly, such qualities are absent among people around us. Hence the number of friends falls in a matured stage.

I have a couple of good friends. And they understand me very well while I also try to be with them always and maintain a healthy relationship.
Q. What aspects are important to maintain a friendship? Why?
Answer: Friendship is a mutual understanding. Both parties should take part accordingly to support each other in needs. Maintaining a good friendship also depends on other issues like empathy to friends, acceptance to mistakes, forgiveness and overall respect to each other. When any of these elements is lost, friendship starts losing its appeal. Therefore, all the parties should remain careful about these qualities and characteristics when it is about friendship.

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