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IELTS Speaking Sample 13

Part One – Introduction

Topic: Job

Q.  What is difficult about your job?
A.  I am an administrator for a local IT company in Milan, Italy. The most difficult thing with the job is to manage the rules and regulations of the company and make the employees follow them. It’s quite a challenging task and I have to be very diplomatic often to build a good relationship with the employees as well as make them abide by the company rules and policies.

Q. Would you recommend your job to someone else?
A.  I would recommend the job to someone only when I will find that the individual is able to take the pressure and reach the deadlines within budgeted time. Overall, I enjoy my job and would recommend anyone I feel suitable for this position.

Topic: Shopping

Q. What are the types of shops that you usually go to? 
A. Mostly I visit the groceries for my daily necessaries. Sometimes, I also need to visit some other super shops when I cannot find something in the grocery stores. Besides, I also need to go to the clothing stores and other stores to meet needs of mine and my family.

Q. What is the name of the shop? 
A.  There are in fact different shops and their names vary. However, the shop that I most frequently visit is named ‘PAM’. This is mostly a grocery super shop and provides almost all the necessary grocery items for daily needs.

Q. What changes have you seen in those shops these days?
A.  Uhh… there are no notable changes in the shop in the present day. However, if I compare these shops with my childhood shops, there are lots of differences. The shops these days are bigger, offer a better environment, have a greater range of products and have more sales representatives and security personnel.

Topic: Reading Books

Q. Do you read books? What kinds of books? 
A.  Yes, I read books. I love to read the both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes I spend time with detective thrillers as well. John Grisham and Mario Puzo are two of my favourite writers and I have read almost all of their books. 

Q. Did you read books when you were a child? How often?  
A.  Of course, I used to read books when I was a child. I read comic books and I read them on daily basis.

Part 2 – Cue Card


Describe a  typical day in your life when you were a child.

You should say:

  • who was/were around you
  • what you ate
  • what took care of you

and say what you most enjoyed doing in your childhood days.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

IELTS Cue Card Sample 582 – Describe a typical day in your life when you were a child

Part 3 – Two-way Discussion:

Q. What is the role of parents in raising children?
A.  A family is the first institution for children and parents are the teachers here. So, the parents need to play the most important roles in raising the children. They should build the ethics inside the children to determine the right and wrong. I think developing the sense of morality is enough to make the children ethical in their lives. Children learn from their parents and this is why parents should always be careful about what they say and do. When children grow up, parents need to instil morality among them to make them better citizens.

Q. Has the role changed in recent years?
A.  Yes, there are some changes in the roles in recent years to raise children. Earlier, it was only the mother who took care of the children but now the father is also assisting in raising children. But in some other cases, due to parents’ business, the children are getting support from babysitters too. Many parents are busy with their careers and they can share little time with their children. However, parents are more conscious about their children’s’ education and well-being.

Q.  Who is responsible for disciplining children?
A.  Since a child spends most of its time with its mother, I think the mother is responsible for the discipline. But sometimes, the father of the child may also help the kid in learning some of the disciplinary rules as well. When a child starts his school, teachers have a role to play to teach them morality, discipline and good qualities.

Q.  How the activities of a child from a city differ from that of a child from a village?
A.  Thank you for this question. Well, a particular difference is seen among the activities of a child living in a city than a child residing in a village. Generally, a child in the city is busy with some routine tasks. The child needs to get up early to attend school. After returning from school, the child has less time to take part in recreational activities. The extreme pressure of academic activities makes them busier. Though sometimes they take part in entertaining activities, they love playing video games or watch television. In fact, they do not have chances of participating in physical activities that much.

On the other hand, a child in a village usually does not have to lead a routine-bound life. Schooling is an important issue for them but they have ample time to spend in recreational activities. They take part in different outdoor games and sport and remain more joyful than city-living children.

Q.  Children learn from parents, relatives, teachers and friends. Who should take the sole responsibility of teaching morality to a child?
A.  Ahh… I think the role of parents is more important than anyone else to teach a child the sense of morality. Actually, the family is the first institution where children learn everything. If a child shows humbleness and mature attitude in the early stage of life, it is expected that the child has a nice family. In fact, the child spends most of his time with parents. He learns everything from the parent. So, when a child is abusive, possesses some other negative qualities, the blames are to be attributed to its parent. Naturally, it is not possible of a teacher to teach all the things at a time while the parents could play the effective role here. Therefore, the parents should take the sole responsibility to develop morality in a child.

Q.  Children these days are less responsible than the past? Why/ Why not? 
A.  Umm… Children are thought to have become less responsible these days and this is true in most of the cases. I think such a condition is the outcome of negligence from parents. Parents these days remain busy with their career. They have less time to spend with their children. So, they cannot teach them the right manners and moralities. Gradually, the children becoming irresponsible in many cases. For instance, when they are asked to do something, they express their reluctance. And this is a negative sign that is leading towards a social disaster. When those children would be matured and play greater roles in society, nothing good is expected from them. But in past, the situation was quite different. Parents used to spend more time with their kids and the kids became more responsible.

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