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IELTS Speaking Sample 12

Part One – Introduction

Let’s talk about your home town or village.

Q.  What kind of place is it?
A.  Ahh! Well. Basically, I come from a village which is located on the outskirts of the city centre Trichy. I was born there but not brought up there but still if I have to say what kind of place is it then the first thing that would come in my mind it that it is a picturesque place. Wherever you turn around you could see lush green paddy vegetation and sugar cane field and people over there are really much friendly than here in the city. I could figure out the exact difference since I have been in both places.

Then, yes, the environment. I could feel the fresh air there, there is no traffic congestion, no pollution and the life is simple there. On the whole, it is an excellent place to live in.

Q.  What’s the most interesting part of your home area?
A.  The most interesting part, oh yeah, it has a very old temple. It has been there for a very long time. The reason why it fascinates me is that the customs and practices performed there are quite unique. This place, which is only a few meters away from my home, has always been a kind of strange, ritualistic and lively place. Because of its tradition, it is most interesting place in my hometown.

Q.  What kind of jobs do the people in your town/ village do?
A.  The main occupation of most of the residents in my village is working in a sugar cane factory. Of course, there are few educated people who are also employed as professionals like mechanical engineers or managers in a company, but still, the major income which supports most of the families in my village comes from the sugar factory. Since everyone is getting better education nowadays few people have also moved out to cities as I did. Many of them are placed in prestigious positions in various cities.

Q.  Is your hometown changing?
A.  Yes, it is changing. As every place of the world is transforming because of education and technology, my village is changing as well. Though the changes are not so visible or drastic, I have to accept that it is getting better over the past few decades in terms of the education, transportation facilities, health care system, employment and infrastructure development. I have heard it from my grandparents that they were not even equipped with the facilities which we have now. The thing is that now everyone in my village is getting the education and they really know what’s happening in the rest of the world and therefore are trying to implement everything to have a better lifestyle and other facilities.

Q.  Would you say it is a good place to live? Why?
A.  Obviously, it is a nice place to live in. In fact, it is an excellent place to live in as you can enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of nature, fresh and organic foods and also can enjoy many modern world facilities like the internet. Many people are just annoyed about the hustle and bustle of city life and they would find this village to be a piece of heaven. Fresh air, clean environment, friendly people, healthy food, simple lifestyle, some modern facilities and green environment are the main attraction of my village. What else do we need to live a good life? I would say it is a wonderful place to live.

Q. What changes would you like to make to your hometown?
A.  Umm, well there are few problems prevailing in my hometown and I wish that it should be sorted out soon. The first change I would like to make is the proper transportation facilities. My hometown still got fewer roads and transportation and I would like to enhance the transportation facility for the betterment of the people’s commuting and for the trade and business facilities.

Next, I would make sure that every single person in this town gets clean and safe water supply. Finally, I would establish more entertainment facilities in this town as there are only a few of them.


Part 2 – Cue Card


Describe an interesting phone conversation you had with someone.

You should say:

  • when you had this discussion.
  • whom you talked to.
  • what it was about.

And explain why this conversation was interesting.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

IELTS Cue Card Sample 385 – An interesting phone conversation you had with someone


Part 3 – Two-way Discussion:

Q. Which one do you use more often – a mobile phone or telephone? Why?
A.  Well, I frequently use the mobile phone and there are numerous reasons to be with the mobile phones. Usually, telephones are suitable for home use and they come with cables. So, it is impossible to carry them out with us even if we want to. On the other hand, mobile phones, especially smartphones, have many other features including the internet, games and chat options and could easily be carried wherever someone goes. So, I am in favour of mobile phones than using a landline.

Q. Are international phone calls expensive in your country?
A.  Yes, the international phone calls are too much expensive than local phone call costs. A single minute for an international call takes four to five times more than the local call charges for the same duration. Further, the call rate varies for countries as well. In my country, this rate is even higher than some other countries I know about. Due to the higher international calling rates, people these days prefer online communication platforms and applications like Skype, IMO, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on.

Q. What is the best way to keep in touch with friends abroad?
A.  Uhh… I think using the social networking websites or the virtual communication tools like Skype, Viber, IMO, WeChat, WhatsApp etc. are the best way now to keep in touch with friends abroad. Someone may make both audio and video calls, keep chatting round the day with friends, and interestingly all the tasks will require no extra charges at all. The user will need an active internet connection and a smartphone or a computer. I personally prefer to use online communication to keep in touch with my friends who live far away from our country.

Q. What is the impact of the online-based chatting systems and social networking websites on the way we make friends and contact with our friends?
A.  Well, I think the online chatting platforms and social networking websites have entirely changed the way we make friends and keep in touch with them. For instance, these days we can make friends from other countries and keep in touch with our friends all the time. This has significantly reduced the communication costs and hassle to contact with someone who stays far away. The friends with same passion and interests can create fan pages and connect more people on the platform, raise their voice and protest the unjust.

On the downside, people can pretend to be someone else on those platforms and can deceive others. Moreover, those social networking websites and online chatting platforms are addictive and kill many valuable hours of students. Finally, the relationship people these days have via social networking platforms or chatting rooms are not as strong as it used to be in the past.

I would say, this is a paradigm shift from our early generation and we should take advantage of these technological advancements and be wary of the negative consequences.

Q. Which one do you prefer – SMS or voice call? Why?
A.  Well, it actually depends on the circumstances! I prefer short messages when I need to reach someone and not sure if this is the right time to ring him. I also like to send and receive SMS when there is a need for important information exchange. For instance, I always send SMS phone numbers, bank account numbers and addresses and also prefer to have that information sent to me via SMS. Finally, I prefer to send SMS to greet someone or to wish him/ her his birthday, marriage anniversary and so on.

On the contrary, when I need to keep in touch with someone and feel that a short SMS is not enough to convey all the information, I prefer voice calls. Some people, my grandfather, for example, do not like SMS and I mostly call them. When I am in hurry and need to give someone a quick information, I like to call as well. I might not have been able to describe every situation, but I guess you get the picture.

Q. How dangerous it is for someone to use his cellphone while driving a car?
A.  I think the existing traffic laws and regulations completely ban the cell phone use during the driving. I personally feel that it is quite risky to use the mobile phone while someone is on the highway. A slight misjudgement or a simple mistake on the highway can cause severe casualties and cost lives and cell phone use while driving simply haze our judgement as we have to concentrate on the conversation. Considering the possible fatalities and accidents, I think besides prohibiting the use of cell phone while driving, heavy fine should be imposed on people who violate this law.

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