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Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 83 – Preferred leisure activities of Australian children

The graph below gives information about the preferred leisure activities of Australian children.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown.

» Write at least 150 words.

Graph Sample 79 - Preferred leisure activities of Australian children

Sample Answer 1: 
The bar chart illustrates how Australian children, between 5 and 14, spend their free time. Their leisure activities are categorised into five different pursuits (Skateboarding, Bike riding, Watching TV, Computer games, and Art), and compared by the participation of boys and girls. Overall, it is noticeable that watching TV or videos is by far the most popular activity among Australian adolescents and rollerblading is the least common venture among them.

According to the diagram, all Australian boys and girls are fascinated to watch videos or TV programmes and this is the most typical leisure activity among them. The second most favoured activity among these youths is playing computer games and 80% boys are engaged in this pastime compared to 20% fewer girls. In terms of riding a bike, more than 75% of boys do it in their free time while this ratio among girls is less than 60%. ‘Art & craft’ as an activity is more favourite among Australian girls than boys. The participation of girls in arts and crafts is somewhat double than that of boy’s participation. Finally, skateboarding is the least traditional recreation activity among Australian children. Just over 20% of girls and less than 40% of boys take part in it.

[Written by – Nazmul Hasan Dalim]


Model Answer 2: 
The bar graph gives information about the leisure activities of Australian children between the age of 5 – 14 years. At a first glance it is noticeable that irrespective of sex, Australian kids like to watch TV or videos.

To begin with, TV watching is the most common leisure activity among Australian children. However, about 75% to 80% of boys prefer to do bike riding and play electronic and computer games. On the contrary, nearly 60% of the girls prefer to do the same. On the other hand, more than 50% Australian young girls who are 5 – 14 years old, spend their time for art and craft. Meanwhile, just under 40% of boys spend their time for it. However, 20% to 40% of the children only spend their time for skateboarding or rollerblading and this leisure activity is also popular among boys than the girls.

In short, boys spend more time for leisure activities than girls except in art and craft while TV watching is their favourite pastime activity.

[Written by – Lekshmi]


Sample Answer 3:
The given bar graph represents data on the children’s leisure activities in Australia. As is presented in the graph, both boys and girls from five to fourteen years old prefer to watch video or TV, ride a bike and play computer games in their leisure time.

According to the graph, all the boys and girls of the 5 to 14 year age group prefer to watch TV and video. This is the most common leisure activity among the Australian children. The second most popular activity among boys and girls is playing computer games and more boys prefer to play games than girls. Bike riding is another popular leisure activity and boys prefer it than the girls as more than 75% of boys do it while less than 60% of girls prefer it. Interestingly girls have more involvement in art and craft than boys and almost 60% girls are involved in these two activities compared to the less than 40% boys. The least popular activity is skating and rollerblading which is preferred by boys than girls.

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