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Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 74 – Information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London

The table below provides information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

» You should write at least 150 words.

   Weekly rents per property (£/w)                               Salaries needed (£/year)

Information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London
Sample Answer 1:
The table compares the property rent per week in three areas in London and also shows the required salary to be able to afford to hire these properties. A quick glance at the table reveals that Notting Hill is the most expensive area among the three in terms of its property rent while it is comparatively cheaper to rent an accommodation in Fulham.Now turning back to the details, the weekly rent of one-bed property in Notting Hill is around £375 which increases to £485 for a two bedroom apartment and as high as over £700 for a three-bedroom house. To be able to support the property cost in Notting Hill it is suggested that someone has to earn from around £99,000 to £195,000 per annum. The house rent in Regent’s Park starts from £325 for a small house and ends at £650 for a big house. It is clear that the rent in this area is comparatively cheaper than that of Notting Hill and the salary that someone should earn to hire properties in Regent’s Park ranges from roughly £85,000 to £170,000. Finally, the property rent in Fulham is the cheapest among the three areas of London which vary from £215 to £600 for a one to three bedroom apartment. The earning requirement to live here also decreased and ranges from £56,000 to £157,000 per year.
Sample Answer 2:

The table shows two sets of related information- the relative weekly cost, in pounds, for renting a property with one, two or three bedrooms in three different suburbs of London and an indication of the kind of annual salary someone would need to be able to rent property in these areas.

Of the three areas mentioned, Notting Hill is the most expensive area with weekly rents starting at £375 (salary required approximately £99,000 per year) and rising to £738 per week for a three bedroom property and to afford a large apartment a Londoner would require a salary of £200,000 per annum. Alternatively, Fulham is the cheapest area shown with rents ranging from £215 per week for a one bedroom property to £600 per week for a three bedroom property. To rent in this area, salaries need to be somewhere between £56,000 and £158,000 depending on the number of bedrooms required. For those able to pay in the middle price range for accommodation, Regent’s Park might be a more suitable district with its house rent from 325 to 650 pound per week.

(Approximately 161 words)

Model Answer 3:
The illustration outlines weekly house rents in three areas in London and the wage recommendation to afford those accommodations. As is obvious, more the room number in a house, more the rent and property renting in Notting Hill is expensive.

As is presented in the table, Notting Hill’s house rent is the highest among the three given areas where a single bedroom house is usually rented at 375 pounds per week. It is advised that someone should earn over 98 thousand pounds in a year to afford such a living place in Notting Hill. Two-bedroom property in this area would cost £485 while it would be as high as £738 for a three-bedroom apartment. The renter’s yearly wage should be higher than 127 thousand and 190 thousand respectively to afford two and three-bedroom apartments.

House rent at Regent’s Park is higher than that of Fulham but lower than the rent in Notting Hill. House with one, two and three bedrooms in Regent’s Park would cost 325, 450 and 650 pounds consecutively and to rent a house in this area someone needs an annual salary between 85 thousand and 170 pounds. House rent is in Fulham is cheapest, 215 for one and 600 for three-bedroom property and someone needs to have a yearly earning of over 157 thousand pounds to afford a three bedroom apartment and not less than 56,500 pounds to live in a one-bedroom flat.

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