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IELTS Speaking Sample 6

Part 1 – Introduction:

Q. What’s your name?
A. My name is Anton Bruckner and you can call me Anton.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am from Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt is located in the federal state of Hesse which lies in the heart of central Germany.

Q. How do you think the Internet will change entertainment in the future?
A. The Internet has already changed that. Video sharing sites like the YouTube, social networking sites like the Facebook are two great media for entertainment for people. The internet TVs are replacing the old TV sets and people can now watch 3D movies sitting in their drawing rooms. The popular music websites will replace the CD players and people will listen and share their favourite playlists on the go. The movies are easy to download, they come with far better resolution and picture quality and people will watch movies in small devices like cell phone and wristwatch. Reading an entertainment magazine, listening to favourite music stations would be just a finger tap away.

Q. Do you use the internet very often? What for?
A. Yes, I use the internet almost every day. I use it to update the blog I own, to check the emails, to find the updates of my friends in social media networks, to watch YouTube video, to share my picture, to talk or chat with my friends etc. In fact, my activities on the internet far more vast than the things I have mentioned.

Q. How about in the future? How important the internet will become in our daily lives?
A. In future, we would be greatly dependent on the internet. From simple Google search to utility bill payment, from submitting class assignments to booking air tickets, we will rely on the internet. We will also use it in our education and communication sectors. This day is not far when we will rely on the internet to purchase everything we need in our life. The job, education, news, entertainment, survey, research all will rely on this technology. A significant proportion of professionals and businessmen would rely on the internet as their main source of earning and business. Traditional marketing and brick and mortar business would be replaced by Internet marketing and e-commerce. There will be pretty few things that we would be able to do without the dependency on the internet in the future.

Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Module – Cue Card:

Describe a movie you have enjoyed so much.

You should say:

— What’s the name of the movie
— what was the central theme of the movie /film
— When you watched it

and say why you enjoyed watching this movie.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

IELTS Cue Card Sample 15 – Your favourite movie


Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Module:

Q. What are the differences of watching movies and reading books?
A. A movie is an audio-visual presentation while a book is a composition of written words. They are both great sources of entertainment and knowledge. However, reading a book, in my opinion, is more effective than watching a movie. A great number of actors, as well as producer, screenwriter, director and other staff, are required to finally produce a movie while the book is the printed version of the writing of a writer.

Movies present a story using different actors and actress and the acting is captured using a camera and then finally edited before release, while the books are mainly printed after being edited and corrected. We can watch movies with others but we usually read books alone.

Movies are the sources of easy entertainment and people naturally love to watch movies as a pure source of entertainment although there are numerous movies that have deep underlying themes and lessons. On the contrary, most books enhance the knowledge and imagination power of readers and preferred by book lovers only.

Q. Which one is more powerful? Why?
A. In my opinion, books are more powerful. A book is aimed to deliver a story, lesson and is a great source of information. Reading books enhance our knowledge, imagination and our horizon of wisdom. Most of the books are packed with the experience and imagination of writers and are the witness of history and time. Reading books are far better in terms of enhancing knowledge in my opinion.

While watching a movie, we mainly concentrate on the story and visual presentation of it. That gives us pure entertainment but in terms of provoking our brain, it is less effective than reading books. Books present us words and with this a hypothetical world that we need to imagine in our mind. In the case of movies, things are already seen; there is a little scope to use our imagination power.

Q. Do you like to watch movie staying at home in Television or in a theatre? Why?
A.I mostly prefer watching movies at home. I won’t say that I do not like watching a movie in a movie theatre, but at home, I have more control on what movie to watch and when. I can even change the movie if I find it boring but I do not have this option in a movie theatre.

With the advancement of technology and internet, we have now large smart TVs that offer the almost similar experience that we can have in a theatre.

Q. How can movies help to shape our society?
A. Movies reach to a large segment of people in a society and people often watch movies. Thus the movie can be an effective media for entertainment as well as tools for changing our society for the better. A good movie that focuses on the pressing issues of a society can create awareness of the problem and can also suggest some solutions.

If movies are based on real events and historical facts, people would learn about their history and past that might help them to become better citizens. Movie actors and actresses are quite popular in many societies and they can pass moral lessons to their fans.

Movies reflect the society and the people as a whole and thus have a great influence to shape the mentality of the people. It is not unusual that people would try to mimic the personality, behaviour, costumes of their famous actors and movie producers can use this as a positive tool to foster a better new generation.

Q. What are the differences between movies made in the past with that of now.
A. Well, the similarities between movies made in the past and present are less. Earlier, the movies were made on entertaining contents, the plots were attractive and the use of violence was almost zero and use of drugs was less frequent. The moviemakers tried tickling the sense of humour of the audience by the movies. But scenarios have changed in the present days and movies are made for commercial purposes most of the time and violence is more frequent in those movies. Besides, often the movie plots are unattractive and cannot provide necessary pleasure to the wider audience. Most of the cases, parents are not relaxed when their children watch movies in the present day while it was not a concerning issue before.

Besides, comic and animated movies have gained huge popularity these days and more superheroes are present on the silver screen than they did in the past.

Q. Are international movies popular in your country? Why?
A. Germany is a land of diversity. Recreational activities are popular here and the majority of the people love enjoying movies. They love to watch both local and international movies. The German movie industry is strong and has produced many of the reputed movies though. But the appeal of international movies is no less here. People go to theatres to enjoy newly released movies and discuss the movie plots among them. Sometimes, they adore the plots and in other cases criticize them. Further, only a few selected movies are screened in Germany considering the taste of the audience. So, it is hard for international movies to excel in Germany if those are not up to the mark.

Q. How technology has changed the way movies are made? Is it a positive or negative development?
Uhhh… The use of technology has certainly elevated the movies made in the present days. People enjoy various types of movies where technology is ever-present. But I personally think this is not the right way to make movies. In fact, the use of technology has made it easier to make the movies or to take the shots. But the application of technology is easily detectable and to me, those parts do not have any appeal at all. For instance, a movie star might be seen climbing a hill and the shots are taken with technological tools in an indoor location. But if the shot would have been taken in real locations, the appeal would have been more. Therefore, I do not think this is always a positive development to use technology in a movie.

Having said that, animated movies and some special effects used in movies have been possible due to the blessing of technology and people enjoy this a lot. From this regard, technology has helped to make movies more popular.

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